Saturday, 20 August 2016

Blackburn Rovers, A Supporters Story

I thought i'd start by introducing myself to those who don't know me, or know of me.

I'm a founder member of the BRFC Action Group and the former elected Chairman of that organisation. I'm the former Secretary of the Rovers Trust and i'm also proud to have been voted onto the National Council of the Football Supporters Federation. I have relinquished my roles in all these positions over the last couple of years, which this blog will document over the coming months the reasons behind this.

Having started protest 5 years ago from my kitchen, I have been to the Premier League, The Football League, The Football Association and Parliament and been part of a delegation who presented the case of our club on behalf of the town and supporters.

My hunger for our club to once more be in safe hands, is stronger today than it has ever been.

I have been asked many times to write a book, which I may do one day, but for now I will be using my blog to put out my memoirs of what I have heard, seen and witnessed these past 6 years.

It's been six long, painful and uninspiring years, Since Venky's and the Rao family took ownership of Blackburn Rovers Football club.

The club has gone from being the blueprint to what other clubs aspired to, in terms of how it was ran, to being a laughing stock and a  victim of a failed system, which includes the fit and proper test carried out by the Premier League when the Rao family where deemed "Fit and Proper".

Over the last 5 years in particular, I have found myself slap bang in the middle of a political warfare, which includes, corruption, incompetence, threats, violence, up-rising, legal threats, injunctions, board room fights and a world wide ignorance to what is happening at Blackburn Rovers football club.

This battle has been a battle of wits and a battle of good against evil

This past week, a number of documents which are part of so many which have been gathering dust on my computer over the last 5 years, were released into the public domain. Some of them is old news, some of them confirms suspicions and some of them just opens up more questions.
However i'm sure one thing we can all agree on, is they show how incompetent the Rao Family are?

 Rovers supporters have now got their second wind, there is more unity and even more determination to rid the club of the rot which has set in, since the Rao's brought their dark cloud over, six years ago.

Over the coming weeks, I'm going to be writing via my blog real life stories which I have personally witnessed, which surround the goings on at Ewood Park.

This will include things like:

1. Being blackmailed
2. Picking Rovers Transfer Targets
3. Threats and Violence
4. Protest
5. Board room fights
6. Dodgy Transfers,
7. Hidden work permits
8. Character assassination
9. Employee's cast away.
10. Brown envelope payments.
11. Family intrusion
12. Team selection
13. Substitutions

Many will ask why now and not before? My answer to that is, this has always been a marathon and not a sprint, even now we are not on the final bend. Many in my position would of run away after a couple of weeks, whilst it be fair to say, any one of you could of sat in your Kitchen that fateful evening and taken it upon yourself to make a stand.

I'm just a football supporter , like many others. There was never a plan to follow, or a written rule on how we combat the challenges we have and will continue to face.

This blog is my story and will be told to the best of my ability.


  1. Good for you Glen, lots of support out there for you fella

  2. very much behind you glen, you are a true blue wright up there with jack walker himself,our day will come

  3. Looking forward to reading your blogs. The truth will out.

  4. Looking forward to reading your blogs. The truth will out.

  5. As much as I agree that venkys have played a major part in our undoing, until we know how the underlying links to Anderson/SEM/Brunei operate we're p*****g up a rope.

    Looking forward to reading your future blogs.

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